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Attic Cleanouts

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The attic is a great storage space for Christmas decorations and memorabilia from high school, family heirlooms, furniture that is not used, and even seasonal clothing. Each attic is equipped with an upper limit, and once the limit is reached, additional storage is no longer a possibility. Experts advise against keeping certain items in storage for more than several weeks and not years or months. Bed linen, clothing, stuffed animals, mattresses, and box springs are only some of the examples. These items do not only become a mess after several weeks and months, but they also are a breeding ground for pests, like mice, rats and bed bugs, dust mites, and spiders.

How Our Residential Attic Cleanout Service Works?

Our attic cleanout uses state-of-the-art safety equipment for individuals and big trucks to transport the items stored in the attic to a landfill or recycling center or disposal facility. Two options are available in the case of an attic cleanout. There are DIY options and professionals such as the ones we offer for junk removal.

Why should you wait until your attic is filled when we can ensure that our cleanout services are affordable and reliable? Our attic cleanout strategies are designed to guarantee cost-effectiveness. All of the cleanout processes are broken down into stages:

  • The removal crew arrives at the house and greets the owner.
  • One of our cleanout groups explains the attic cleanout procedure to the customer.
  • The team will access and prepare the attic space for the cleanout
  • The items that are stored are put in containers that are then transported to work trucks.
  • After removing the items from the attic space, the cleaning process will begin.
  • The attic is cleaned thoroughly prior to the cleanout team leaving the house at the end of the day.

After leaving the client’s property, the attic clean-out team will transport their truckloads of junk to an approved landfill or a waste disposal facility.

What Do Our Removal Experts Say About Attic Cleanout?

As mentioned previously, vulnerable objects should not be kept for longer than a few months. If stored in vacuum-sealed bags made of fabric like silk, cotton, twill linen, silk, and Viscose can be kept for up to two years. Storage bags sealed with vacuum protect objects from dust mites, termites, mice, crickets, cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish. But, there’s the issue of where to put the things. 

If your attic is crowded out, an attic is stuffed to the brim, and an attic cleanout is your only alternative. Loft cleanout will allow room for your most recent summer or winter wardrobe, furniture with upholstery, etc.

Experts suggest homeowners clean out their attics at a minimum biannually. Lack of manpower, the use of a truck or another transport vehicle, or time should not stop you from cleaning out your attic. We suggest our expert attic clean-out if you do not have all of these essentials.

Benefits Of An Attic Cleanout

  • Creates storage space
  • Removes items damaged by decades of exposure to dust, insect rodents, dust, and other elements
  • Improves the air quality in the attic.
  • Allows for projects to improve your home
  • Cleans up the attic
  • Aids in fighting pest infestation

How To Know When Your Attic Is Ready For A Cleanout?

Tenants and homeowners must know when it’s the right time to clean out their attics. Although it shouldn’t be a major surprise when your attic is filled to total capacity, the mess is often overlooked because it’s hidden from view.

  • Odors of fouling emanating from the attic
  • Moths, cockroaches, and mice that are coming and going from the attic
  • The items stored in storage are no longer functional or usable
  • Things are spilling out onto different areas of the house
  • The growth of mold is evident on ceilings and walls
  • Everything stored is coated in dust and cobwebs

DIY Attic Cleaning

There is a way to wash an attic, even if stuffed with storage containers. If your attic’s capacity is exhausted, we can assist in removing some or all of the objects to allow for extensive cleaning. Attic cleaning done by yourself doesn’t require time or difficulty. It doesn’t even require specific equipment. By following the steps in this article, your attic will be clean and spiffing in no time.

  • Begin by moving all objects to either the left or right side of the attic.
  • Vacuum the space prior to cleaning
  • Clean up shelves, storage containers, walls, and other fixtures used to store items.
  • Clean floors using a specific cleaner and let dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  • Install a pest control area if insects or rodents are found during the treatment process.
  • Transfer stored items to the opposite end of the attic
  • Repeat the steps above repeatedly to ensure that your attic remains clean

It’s an excellent idea to check your storage objects to ensure they are in good shape. Items that are damaged should be removed from the attic and put in the junk pile to be disposed of by the trash service.

Don’t hesitate to avail yourself of our no-cost attic cleanout consultation and inspection services.

Neaten Up Your Attic Storage

Modernizing your storage space in the attic can make a significant difference in the organization of your stored things. We suggest plastic storage containers with lids that can be resealable rather than cardboard containers that degrade over time.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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